Our Core Values

In our company we count on seven key concepts that comprise our corporate philosophy and are based on our human capital. These seven core values have marked our leadership and positioning in the industry:


Service, our daily work

We provide added value. We create, maintain an recover the maximum value for our corporate clients through our full collection and administration services for loan portfolios. We focus on controlling the time invested as well as the costs and transparency of our operations, gaining the trust of our clients through tangible actions.

Salud Financiera


We are a financially stable corporation; offering superior returns to our stakeholders and corporate clients. We take care of our assets constantly review our expenditures, as a company and with our business partners, demonstrating a commitment to financial discipline that enables us to grow in a responsible way.


EFFICIENCY, our responsibility

Competition is tough, however we have a great potential to differentiate ourselves from the rest of our competitors by carrying out our tasks in the best possible way from the start. Our contribution shines through by working in an intelligent and enthusiastic way, seeking at every moment the efficiency and quality in our efforts that result in a industry wide recognition eflected in our ratings by various agencies. Make more with less.


TEAMWORK, our best strategy

At Pendulum we are all part of one team. We search for long term collaboration with our coworkers, corporate clients and suppliers. We promote a healthy, motivational work environment that providesprofessional development opportunities that help the full development of our associates.


Clients, our counselors

Our contact with the client,  internal o external, is always smart; we anticipate, listen and provide full follow up. The answers given by our clients expose our strengths and point out our areas of improvement. At Pendulum we maintain a commitment to offer anExtraordinary Service to our clients by Seeking Opportunities to Offer Solutions.

Mejora Continua


We live, celebrate and improve our successes the same way we recognize our special efforts. We accept and learn from our mistakes. We experiment, offer new ideas and apply our learning through innovations and a Development Institute that adds value to our human capital.


Ethics, our transparency

We always do what is right and we strive to protect the interests of our clients, based on the full transparency and accountability of our operations