Our Ratings

We have received ratings in the industry as Master Servicer, Primary Servicer, and Special Assets Servicer, given by the most renowned rating agencies internationally such as:

Thanks to these ratings, Pendulum is considered a market leading company in the national scene and specialized in the following business areas:

  • Master Servicer. We have the experience to administer, audit and generate reports of Primary Servicers.
  • Portfolio Administrator. We develop and implement strategies to promote the performing asset backed loans
    ( Primary Servicer).
  • Problem Solver. We have a team that intervenes in an effective and efficient way in order to regularize or settle early delinquency loans. ( Early Delinquency Team).
  • Recovery of past due loans. We recover the maximum value of the portfolios received in lieu.
  • Foreclosed Assets. We regularize and sell foreclosed and received in lieu assets
  • Litigation. We provide legal follow up to maximize the recovery value of non performing loans.
  • Due Diligence / Appraisal. We analyze and appraise portfolios of mortgage backed loans and foreclosed assets.