The privacy of your data is very important to PENDULUM SERVICIOS INTEGRALES, S. DE R.L. OF C.V. ("PSI"), therefore and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of individuals, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (hereinafter the Law) and its Regulation, through this Privacy Notice, we let you know how we protect and we safeguard the integrity, privacy and protection of your Personal data. For "PSI", the collection of certain personal data that you provide us, in terms of this Privacy Notice, (hereinafter the "Notice"), is necessary to carry out the Intrinsic activities of our commercial activity, and we must comply with the obligation to apply legal measures and security, sufficient to protect the personal data provided by you, for the purposes described in this Notice, in order that you have full control and decision on your personal data, we recommend that you carefully read the following information. Likewise, we inform you that this Notice will be at your disposal, on our Internet webpage: It is understood that you as the owner consent, accept and tacitly authorize the processing of your data, when having made this Notice available to you, do not express your opposition or denial to it. THE IDENTITY AND ADDRESS OF THE RESPONSIBLE PARTY: For the purposes of this Notice, the person in charge of your information, as the owner of the use and protection of your personal data, is granted to: Corporate name: PENDULUM SERVICIOS INTEGRALES, S. DE R.L. DE C.V. Address: Av. Paseo de la Reforma, No. 404, 13th floor, after. 03, Colonia Juárez, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06600, Mexico City. Telephone: (01 55) 10 84 35 00 PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED: The personal data, sensitive personal data and patrimonial or financial data collected, will be treated and protected in accordance with the principles established in the Law and its Regulations, which are: legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility. To fulfill these purposes, you are asked to provide us with the following personal information: Full name, telephone numbers (landline and mobile), photograph and personal image on video, email, address, proof of address, sex, RFC, CURP, copy of your official identification, passport number, marital status, age, military card number, class and driver's license number, your favorite hobby, sport you practice, original or copy birth certificate, marital status, place and date of birth, nationality , results or data obtained derived from the socioeconomic study or other studies carried out to find out the skills (if any), as well as the health status, name and relationship of the people with whom you live, name and relationship of your economic dependents, name , occupation and ages of their parents, original marriage certificate or copy, (if applicable), name and ages of the spouse and children, degree of studies, institution, career / area, language management as, proof of studies, work experience, knowledge and skills, labor relations, labor preferences (position, name, reason or company name), period worked, reason for termination of the labor relationship and telephone (mobile and landline) of the company in the one that currently works or in which he worked, labor and personal recommendation letters, IMSS affiliation number, current salary, non-compliance, labor sanctions, absences, assists, overtime, benefits, deductions, immediate boss, current occupation, monthly income and the document that certifies their stay or residence in the country (if they are foreigners). Likewise, we inform you that the following Patrimonial or Financial Data could be requested: main Credit Institutions in which you have bank accounts, branches and bank account numbers, amounts of transfers, card numbers, credits, bank loans, retirement account and numbers CLABE account. Likewise, we inform you that only in the event that, to grant you insurance (life, major medical expenses, disabilities, etc.), the following information will be required: Full name, relationship, RFC, CURP, telephone numbers and address of the Beneficiaries, original or copy of the birth certificate of the Beneficiaries, and a copy of the official identification of the beneficiaries. In the event of accidental deaths, the actions of the corresponding Public Ministry, occupation before and after the incident, date and place of the incident, doctor's information (name, address, specialty and ID), description of the causes of death, data are required. of the policy, interpretation of radiological or cabinet studies, and medical reports. Only in the event that an automobile insurance applies, the following personal information will be required: copy of the car invoice, copy of the circulation card, credit card number and payroll number. It is important to inform that in addition to the aforementioned personal and financial data, PSI can treat, if applicable, the following Sensitive Data: disabilities, type of disability, health status, medical studies or exams, height, weight, height, diseases or own conditions and the references you provide us, medical treatments, injuries or accidents, union membership, political ideology, religious beliefs, participation in legal processes or problems, and the social or sports club you attend. Additionally, and if applicable, we will collect your fingerprint through a system that operates through terminals that extract the fingerprints to record the access and departure of our staff. It is clarified that your fingerprint is not saved in the system, since its treatment is through an encryption system, which prevents access to them, making it impossible to duplicate the fingerprint or have the original image of it. The data contained in the Curriculum that you provide us, are also protected within the Notice, so no different treatment will be given to what is established here. Video Surveillance: It is also reported that, in the event of going to any of the PSI facilities and / or its clients, it could be video recorded by the security cameras that may be found in said facilities. The images and sounds captured by the video surveillance cameras will be used for your safety and the safety of other people who are within the facilities of PSI, its affiliates and / or subsidiaries, as well as its clients, suppliers, candidates and employees. PURPOSES OF THE TREATMENT OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA: PSI, its affiliates and / or subsidiaries, collect your personal, sensitive and patrimonial or financial data in order to use them for the following purposes: ● To get or process a job or temporary assignment for the purpose to find the requested vacancy, look for a job or to assist in the placement of candidates that other companies can use. ● For the fulfillment of our contracts for recruitment, selection, hiring, supply and administration of person, payroll, or various service provision contracts with our clients. ● Assess whether you are qualified to perform a position or function, and to contact you regarding the available positions or services we offer. ● To record a video about the skills, that is, video record the interviews, presentations and exams of the candidates and employees. ● To inform our clients and business partners about our services. ● To carry out research, analysis, statistical reports, establish remuneration schemes and evaluate the performance and growth of PSI its clients, subsidiaries, employees and the labor market. ● Generate profiles and work structures that allow increasing and improving productivity, as well as for any other purpose that PSI considers necessary for the improvement of working conditions. ● For administrative purposes, such as risk management, complying with legal obligations or that are directed to meet certain needs, and to resolve or defend legal complaints and claims. ● Create a file to identify you as an employee or candidate of PSI, its clients, affiliates and / or subsidiaries. ● To contact you if necessary and contact the people established as personal references. ● For marketing, advertising and commercial projection purposes. ● For similar or analogous purposes to those described in previous paragraphs. TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA: We notify you that your personal, sensitive and patrimonial or financial data could be transferred within and outside the country, for the purposes described in this Notice, to affiliated companies, subsidiaries and / or the same group, as well as clients, suppliers, companies and associations inside and outside the field. Therefore, we request your express consent for the transfer of your data. Please select the desired option: ● If I accept that my personal data be transferred to the indicated third parties to fulfill the purposes described. ● I do not accept that my personal data be transferred to the indicated third parties to fulfill the described purposes. WAYS TO LIMIT THE USE AND DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA: It is your knowledge that personal data, sensitive personal data and financial or patrimonial, that you provide us, are under strict administrative, technical and physical security measures, which have have been implemented, in accordance with the Law, with the sole and exclusive purpose of protecting and guaranteeing your personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment. To guarantee the adequate security and confidentiality of personal data, the following security measures are applied: (a) Encryption of data in transit; (b) Secure user authentication controls; (c) Data Repository; (d) Network monitoring solutions. REVOCATION OF THE CONSENT FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: You may revoke your consent, for the treatment of your personal data in the same way that I grant your authorization. You also have the right to: (i) Access your personal data in our possession and know the details of the treatment thereof, (ii) Rectify or modify them if they are inaccurate or incomplete, (iii) Cancel them when you consider that they are not required for any of the purposes indicated in this Notice, they are being used for non-consensual purposes or the contractual or service relationship has ended, or (iv) Oppose the treatment of the same for specific purposes, as provided by Law (hereinafter "ARCO Rights"). To exercise your ARCO Rights, you must submit a Request (hereinafter "ARCO Request"), to the attention of the Privacy Officer, to the Contact Address or to the following email:, accompanied by the following information and documents: ● Your name, address and email to be able to communicate the answer to your ARCO Request; ● A copy of the documents that prove your identity (copy of IFE, passport or any other current official identification) or, where appropriate, the documents that prove your legal representation, the original of which you must present in order to receive the response from PSI; ● A clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the ARCO Rights; ● Any document or information that facilitates the location of your personal data; ● In case of requesting a rectification of your personal data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request. The Privacy Officer will respond and follow up on your ARCO Rights Request within the terms established by Law. Likewise, you may revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data following the same procedure as the one mentioned for the exercise of your Rights. ARC. Any questions about the aforementioned rights, please contact through the following email: STORAGE OF PERSONAL DATA: The Storage of personal data that we collect, is done by allowing an identification of the Owner of these, for the time necessary for the purposes for which they were collected. This specific period of time is determined, taking into account: ● The need to keep the personal data collected stored in order to offer services established with the user. ● To safeguard a legitimate interest of PSI data processing as described in the purposes. ● Due to the existence of specific legal obligations that make the processing and related storage necessary for a specific period of time. MODIFICATIONS, CHANGES, ADAPTATIONS AND / OR UPDATES TO THIS NOTICE: PSI reserves the right to make modifications, changes, adaptations and / or updates to this Notice at any time, with the understanding that they will be made known to you. by email or through our website: We inform you that, for your safety, the safety of minors and third parties, from whom we may collect information or that you provide us, we request your express consent to the use and treatment of it in the same terms established in this Privacy Notice, and in no way will it be given a different protection than that of the data provided here. It is also important to keep in mind that said data will not be transferred to any third party other than those established in this document. What is expressed and / or written in this Notice will not be understood, considered or interpreted, under any circumstances, as an offer or proposal of a labor nature or provision of services. We request your express consent for the treatment of your personal, sensitive and patrimonial or financial data, so we ask you to choose the desired option: ● I have read this Notice, I understand it and I give my express consent for the treatment of my data in terms of this. ● I have read this Notice and I do not give my consent for the treatment of my Data in terms of this.
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